Are you sick and tired of the whole weight loss/gain cycle?

Do you feel out of control, guilty, nervous or shameful around food? Are you frustrated with losing some weight, only to gain it back, and always having to eat according to someone else’s “rules”? I get you….you have probably had it with self-denial and restriction; “cheating” on yourself, just so you can eat what you want. Perhaps your self-esteem has taken a beating because you are upset with your inability to stay on a diet. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “I hate my body,” then you know the tremendous discomfort of feeling that your body is somehow not right.

Diets don't work — they never do!

Remember all the times that you’ve been on diets. Perhaps you were fortunate and lost weight. In most cases, however, the weight doesn’t stay off. You probably think it was something you did that resulted in your failure to maintain that lower weight, but the fact is that the diet failed you. Once you go off the diet, you will most likely gain back all the weight you’ve lost plus a few pounds. In fact, this happens to 95-98% of people who do lose weight on a diet, so you’re not alone.

If you feel the time is right to eliminate the underlying causes of your overeating and lose the weight once and forever, you should stop wasting your time with pills, diets, shakes or trying to sweat the weight off. Ultimately, the only lasting results come from changing your eating habits and learning to eat how thin people do. How’s that? With the Loving Yourself Thin with Vivation Breathwork book and CDs, you’ll find out exactly what thin people do to stay that way.

Would you love to eliminate the depressing downward spiral that dieting creates, and get ready to heal the underlying causes of your weight and body issues? Keep reading...

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” you know what I’m talking about. It’s trying to fit your own needs and unique desires into the latest fad diet because hope springs eternal that maybe this one will do the trick.

But if you’re like I was, YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER DIET... you need emotional rescue to resolve the underlying reasons you eat. You can stop “using” food to solve problems it can’t solve, and start feeling good when you see real results from the inside out, without the need for self-restriction and denial.

The Loving Yourself Thin method is unlike any other you’ve tried; you will learn the tools and emotional skills you need to resolve the negative feelings that are the cause of overeating and negative body image.

Are you afraid that if you stop dieting, you’ll eat everything in sight and blow up like a blimp? It’s a common issue. With this program, you will be able to end dieting forever, eliminate your fears, avoid feelings of deprivation, take weight off, and live at your lighter weight forever.

Are youfinallyready to change your relationship to food and your body for the better—forever?

This is the ultimate and permanent way to win at losing. After your first hour of Vivation Breathwork, you'll feel more love for yourself and renewed enthusiasm.

In one day, you'll feel the changes, in three weeks, you'll see the changes, and in four weeks, others will be commenting on how good you look!

This simple, yet powerful secrets found in the LYT program will show you how to lose weight—and more importantly—keep it off, and give you the confidence you need to take charge of your new, thinner life.


Why dieting never works in the long run for weight loss

  • Use these tips and tricks to be satisfied with smaller portions of the foods you enjoy
  • Discover why you crave certain foods and change your relationship to them
  • How you destroy your ‘fat-burning furnace’ by constantly dieting
  • Why your scale is not a good measure of weight loss
  • Why starving yourself has so many negative consequences

How emotions masquerade as hunger, and how to tell the difference

  • How to enjoy all of your emotions, including sadness and anger, without resorting to foods to make feelings disappear
  • Heal negative feelings that compel you to act in ways that are self-destructive
  • Learn why all of your feelings are important and make you unique
  • Learn how to discern ‘real’ hunger from ‘fake’ hunger

How to eliminate fear and anxiety about food and eating

  • Find out what triggers your overeating and bingeing
  • Learn to be around any food without it constantly ‘beckoning’ to you to eat it
  • Be able to relax more in any situation, social, work or relationship
  • Be more comfortable in your body at every size
  • Heal from the feelings that make you ‘use’ food to solve problems

How to reach your ideal weight without dieting or deprivation

  • Learn what triggers feelings of deprivation
  • Hundreds of ideas for fulfillment, other than with food
  • Assessing the right weight for you
  • Getting rid of the excess baggage you carry around
  • Eliminate negative self talk and be your own best friend
  • How failing at dieting affects the rest of your life

Become a happier, better person

  • Reduce stress so effectively, the cause of the stress does not keep coming back
  • Let go of judging yourself and others and maintain constant peace of mind
  • Learn the difference between acceptance and resignation
  • Live with courage and conviction, according to your own ideals and values
  • Be strong and stand up for what’s important to you
  • Increase physical health and vitality

This unique no-diet method helps you lose your desire to overeat! Learn how to achieve your ideal body, without dieting or deprivation. Uncover YOUR slimmer body, and live the life of your dreams.

If you’re NOT ready for dramatic, life-changing results, don’t order this program! But if you ARE…see special offer below...

Once you discover the source of your issues with food and eating, or your discontent with your body, you’ll want to challenge yourself to go all the way to create not only the body, but the life of your dreams, because there is no turning back. The tools you’ll be receiving are like turbo-charged, jet assistance to blow through your excuses, justification and pretenses about why you are holding on to the weight or your negative body image. These techniques, including Vivation Breathwork, are being used by hundreds of thousands of people everyday, worldwide, to resolve negativity and live lives filled with happiness and purpose.

I've helped hundreds of people lose weight, eat like a naturally thin people, and keep it off for years, and I can help you too.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here are a few of the comments I’ve received from people who are loving themselves thin:

“My thoughts and feelings about Loving Yourself Thin are simple: It works and it helps. The exercises and insights in the book truly helped me see how ‘emotional cravings’ were affecting my eating. The lessons were easy to follow to get there, which I really appreciate.”

–Jane Fremont, Montessori Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

“I tried everything. The Loving Yourself Thin method is the only system that worked and keeps on working. I’m finally losing weight.”

–Evelyn Rose, Los Angeles, CA

“I am less obsessed with my weight and I am better at dealing with my emotions.” –A. Simms, Houston, TX

“This has been the only program I have tried that I have benefited from. I have the tools I need and now I am putting them to work.” –Barbara Benitto, Hollywood, CA

"I love you. You are brilliant. My relationship with food continues to change for the better. Your methods are incredible. I can fit into the 'skinny' clothes I had put in the back of the closet. Plus, I have gained an amazing amount of confidence and nothing can take that away. Thank you eternally." —Jenny Josephs, Los Angeles, CA

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What the bundle includes:

Trade paperback, large format (for journaling) version of the Loving Yourself Thin coursebook, 114 pages, plus 2 separately packaged CD audio recordings for learning practicing the Vivation Breathwork technique. CD 1 gives you the theory of how Vivation works, and an explanation of the 5 Elements (the parts of Vivation). CD 2 guides you through a complete one-hour Vivation session with coach Patricia Bacall, for a powerful, healing and rejuvenating experience. You will end your session feeling relaxed and enthusiastic, more ready than ever to achieve your goals.

And that’s not all, here are two free gifts for you:

Free Gift #1:

Purchasing the LYT with Vivation Breathwork bundle entitles you to two 30-minute sessions via Skype or telephone, with the creator of Loving Yourself Thin, weight loss guru and world-renowned wellness expert, Patricia Bacall, internationally recognized authority on emotional healing. Click here to email Patricia and schedule.

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Just for visiting the site today, I would like you to receive the audio download Loving Yourself Vibrant: Dancing and Forgiveness. This energizing movement exercise releases inhibitions and helps you start loving your body, with a seated exercise to facilitate and enhance forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.

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I've helped hundreds of peopleeat "naturally thin," lose weight, and keep it off for years, and I can help you too.

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